Vodafone fancy blinkbox?

blinkbox Vodafone are wandering around blinkbox, kicking it tyres and generally eyeing it up for purchase.

The phone comms giant is imagining that the purchase would give them access to content as it gears itself up to be a quad-play operator.

Troubled Tesco were looking to sell off blinkbox as part of their current 'everything is going to shit' period.

The supermarket acquired an 80% stake in blinkbox in April 2011, with the idea of using it to bolster sales of its digital entertainment offering.

Of course Tesco is currently under investigation by the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority following the retailer’s overstatement by £250,000,000 of expected profit for the half year, so one can imagine getting blinkbox out of the portfolio may be wise.

However, with some new and improved things added to it, the TV service might not be quite as dead as first thought, so Voadfone might be able to get a good price on it without it being a damp squib.

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