Vodafone data charges - 1GB data for new Desire customers from 1 June?

While we wait to see whether Vodafone reply to our (rather lengthy) open letter to them concerning the nebulosity of their new data charges and restrictions, avid Bitterwallet reader David has been in touch with alarming news about the mobile provider:

As a VF customer who is coming to the end of their current contract I came across your site while researching tariffs for my next contract.

In the negotiation process, I was offered a HTC Desire on a 24mth, 300mins, unlimited texts and, most interesting of all, an unlimited data plan with 1GB fair use for £25 per month.

After being offered this I asked the guy on the other end of the phone about these data charges and I was told this would definitely not apply to this contract.

Today I called them again. This guy said that the offer I was made was correct except I'd be on 500MB fair use just now. However, come June there would be new price plans brought out where ALL plans would get a 1GB fair use allowance.

We've seen other customers talking about these new tariffs elsewhere - in Vodafone's own forums, in fact - but there are least two customers who state that Vodafone are raising the data tariffs to 1GB across all 500MB tariffs.

Such new price plans would make a mockery out of everything we've been told by Vodafone recently - specifically, that 500MB is more than plenty for a smartphone running background apps, and next to none of their customers ever exceed that limit anyway. If that were truly the case, why even bother to offer double that data allowance on the same phone? By their own arguments, Vodafone should be introducing tariffs with less data allowance. Except they're not. Odd, that.

If you're an existing HTC Desire owner on Vodafone, how happy will you be so see new customers receive double your data allowance, immediately after you've been told to shut up complaining because your mobile will never use half that? It seems existing customers will be expected to put up with new charges until it's time to renew their contract.


  • Hershel R.
    Well, it seems that Vodafone may well be caving in quietly to keep the customers happy. Will have to see how it pans out but it sounds like a victory to me. Foxes are sexy.
  • Klingelton
    is it time to crack out the silver plated fox feltching straw?
  • Daniel Z.
    Sounds like they're giving up to me as well... Although you still need to consider the fact that giving you a 1GB FUP as a sweetener to introduce a £5 per 500mb charge might not suit everybody... It's also worth pointing out the T-Mobile unlimited package is 3gb FUP and they won't charge you at all for going over it (just stop you from using p2p after 3GB)...
  • Daniel Z.
    That's the T-Mobile unlimited package for HTC phones actually...
  • Tom
    Voda are going to rape your ass when the new iPhone comes out next month. And you'll thank them as you rub in the Ansuol to east the sting.
  • (jah) w.
    I wish companies would stop claiming to be unlimited if they only allow 1gb pcm. My cock is unlimited inches long, but the AUP limits it to 8".
  • anonymous
    T-mobile is the way to go!!! Cheaper and true unlimmited downloads, no hidden charges if you go over fair usage. excellent 3g coverage in the UK (who needs 2g coverage when 3g is faster). By the way I'm an ex-vodafone customer (long term customer). Be prepare to be bullied and have your intelligence insulted with bad offers by vodafone when you will ask for your pac code to transfer your number to a new network. Vodafone wont offer you the best deal out there, but they will ask you what deal have you seen/been offered and only then they will try to beat it, in my case they insulted my intelligence the moment when I did not told them I had seen one of their new customer offers and they tried to tied me in again on a more expensive 24 month tarif, as you can see that's how they treat their existent customers, lucky me as I was no longer under contract. I really don't like crooks.
  • adam
    Im a brand new HTC desire customer on VF - £25/mnth 600mins 3000txt 500mb FUP. i havent even received my contract in the post yet, so how do i prove my usage would cause 10% billing increase? I was sold this expressly on the assurance that an FUP was an FUP, not a limit. Could we existing customers wangle our ways onto a newer 1gb limit? id be ok w/ that, but atm feel pretty sour.
  • Kevin
    Cant believe they are still avoiding everyone and lieing about not changing the contract. To me its simple.. if they change ANY wording in my T&C including introducing a new standard charge which wasn't there before, they are in violation of my terms and conditions and I can cancel my contract. Why they are not sticking by there own T&C I dont know, but the second they try to charge me for going over my FUP... <- Please note the TRY!
  • N20Y1D
    Interesting that the Head of Web Relations, is remaining silent....
  • Gutted, F.
    [...] check here, the Bitterwallet have written a couple of open letters to Vodafone regarding the data plans and as [...]
  • Nick
    Well guys .... I got my new HTC desire on 600 min and unlimited texts last month. That includes the infamous 500 MB "unlimited" internet. After all the fuss I called Vodafone today and they upgraded my FUP from 500MB to 1GB per month for no extra charge.
  • Gary
    I am in the reverse situation from the above, back in Sept 2010 I changed my daughters number from a £15 VF SIM only to £20 24 month VF contract. the sales person said I would have 300Min, unlimit text and 1GB internet. All was Ok until I was charged £5 for internet acces in Feb '11. I rang an complain and was given a refund. Again the same happen in Mar & Apr '11. It seeems I have only 500M on the contract when I signed up for 1GB!!!. With my daughter internet usage, if I had know I was going to be charged £5 each month I would have taken out a £25 contract and gone for a btter phone.

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