Vodafone and VISA sitting in a wallet

10 September 2014

vodafone Vodafone and Visa are launching a mobile 'wallet' type thing next month, pass it on.

The news is slightly shaded by the Apple big cock-of-the-walk doodahs.

It will initially be only on Android devices, and the maximum spend on the phone will be set at £25, for security, and obviously no-one wants more incentive to have your phone stolen.

There are also rumours that Vodafone will allow people to pay for London Underground travel using the mobile wallet, and are also possibly offering loyalty card type scenes with Nectar.

"The pieces are falling into place," said Alix Pryde, head of innovation at Vodafone UK. "There are now the devices, the contactless payments and increasingly the consumer behaviour to make this a success."

Vodafone customers will need to replace existing SIMs for NFC-enabled versions and have a compatible device.

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