Virgin Megastores resurrected, readers give better Head

Zavvi is gone. Head is coming. Titter. And Virgin Megastores is but a long-dead memory. Or is it? Bitterwallet reader Elston sent us this exclusive news from the window of Zavvi on London's Oxford Street:

Could it be? No, in a word. Call us sceptics, but it's unlikely Branson would announce the resurrection of his former entertainment brand with a hand-written note taped at a jaunty angle to the window of a disused shop. Shame. That's the kind of back-to-basics marketing that retailers need right now.

Meanwhile on Friday, we asked for your views on former chief executive Simon Douglas buying eight of the former Zavvi stores and planning to re-launch them as Head. Not the greatest brand in the world, and plenty of you had far better suggestions for names:

  • Dan - Hmm… it’s like HMV but more questionable
  • Paul - I'd open one next door and call it Shoulders, Knees and Toes Knees and Toes
  • Exactly - Sloppy seconds
  • Craig - Please, We’re Starving!
  • spongebob - Map: goes in lots of directions and easy to fold


  • Wintersmute3
    Maybe its being re-opened in kind by an enterprising Muslim?
  • Craig
    What? Have they contacted you asking if you want to be stock.
  • Martin
    Given the location of that store, the only corporation likely to be able to afford to re-open there and make a profit is Poundland, or maybe Lidl or Aldi. And maybe they found the Virgin posters out back and decided to use them for their own use.
  • MBeeching
    Some would argue it's not really a virgin anymore...
  • Craig
    I did read an article a few weeks back that Branson was interested in buying just the Oxford Street store back as he was particularly fond of that store. So this could be true.
  • Conor
    I remember walking past this sign the other day there was loads of excited people looking through the cracks of the shutters to see if maybe virgin megastores would open again, it certainly got me excited seeing that sign.
  • Anon
    Expect more movement with the HEAD brand soon.

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