Virgin Media trials 10Mbps upload, reduces price of 50Mbps deal

The Future, yesterday.

It's the future, I tells ya. Upload speeds as fast as lightening, or at least faster than most broadband user's download speeds. Virgin Media is about to test broadband upload speeds of up to 10Mbps, barely two years since Virgin and other mainstream broadband suppliers were selling us the dream of 8Mbps for downloading.

Virgin Media states that at this super duper speed, a user could upload a memory card full of full frontal images to The Hun* in just two minutes, although that's based on a 128Mb card containing 75 photos at 1.6Mb each. That's a low resolution and titchy card size for even an average digital camera these days; Virgin are seemingly throwing around small numbers to make the service sound more impressive when they didn't really need to - 10 Mbps upload sounds very decent without an example.

Virgin is planning trials in the North East and Midlands. Of course the usual caveats apply - the speeds will be up to 10Mbps, meaning the chance of actually achieving that transfer rate may be roughly equal to that of Ferne Cotton putting in a full week's work on Radio 1.

Virgin are also cutting the price of its 50Mbps deal, which according to the company is now available in 12 million households. Currently the package costs £35 for existing customers with a Virgin Media landline, and £50 for broadband alone. From 1st September, customers with a landline will pay £28, while those without can have the service for £38.


  • pete d.
    Don't leave us in suspense!
  • Kira
    £28 if you got a telephone line, and £38 if you haven't
  • daveberry
    ...and throttles your service if you actually download anything..
  • Brad
    Yeah I was going to say Id like to see it running at full wack at 8 o'clock at night when its getting throttled as they currently do now.
  • me
    bout time someone went the upload route, run a decent home gaming server at that rate.
  • Zim
    Yes, Virgin throttle but you are allowed fairly generous downloads before it kicks in and they clearly publish when your downloads will count towards throttling, so if you have big download just do them off-peak. My 20Mbps runs at full wack until I hit the 6 GB limit virtually all the time, although sometimes at peak I guess there are contention issues but I've never really noticed it. And no, I don't work for them
  • San
    Zim you talk shit- the peak limits are crap even for a medium downloader. You do sound like a virgin rep though.
  • Zim
    I can only tell you what I find. Wonder if they'll give me a job?
  • cheapskate
    What's the * for in The Hun*?
  • paul
    50 Mbps has no throttling of speeds and has no limits

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