Virgin Media "assumes fetal position" say customers

Arrrgh! The problem with sucking all your media needs through the pipes of one suppler, is that if the pipes break, you lose everything. If you're a Virgin Media customer, then you're already well aware of this, having spent half a day without TV, broadband and email. If that wasn't bad enough, HUKD members reported no response from customer service helplines and an electronic shrugging of the shoulders from the status page on their website.

In fact the only response from Virgin Media seems to be an email posted on a new group by a member of staff:

Hi guys

As you may be aware, we're having some service problems right now that are affecting multiple services, including:

* The status page (viewing it and the ability to update it) along with some other parts of the website such as selfcare
* Text news server
* E-mail (including Webmail) for those with blueyonder e-mail addresses
* Webspace for those on xTW (ex-Telewest Network)
* Some broadband access problems for those in the North West (xTW customers only)
* Some impact on TV for xTW customers

The problems are also affecting the technical support guys, who can't currently post to newsgroups.

Our teams are working their socks off to fix these at the moment and to restore service as quickly as possible and the good news is that these services are now starting to come back online.

Apologies for the inconvenience this has caused.

Alex Brown
Senior Product Manager
Product Management, Virgin Media

Is everything back to normal or are Virgin Media "still working their socks off"? Will you be asking for 1/31 of your bill to be refunded?


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