Virgin Media adds Spotify access to TiVo

29 November 2011

spotify-logo The music industry still hasn’t made its mind up about Spotify, but the streaming music giant is continuing on with its expansion plans, whethe the likes of Dr Universal and Dame Sony are happy about it or not.

Now, as promised recently, it’s available to Virgin Media customers through their TiVo boxes. If you’ve got one of them and have a premium subscription to Spotify, you’ll be able to use the thing via the Apps and Games section and listen to unlimited musical sounds through your telly.

Virgin TV and broadband customers will be able to sample the majesty of Spotify as they’ll be offered three and six month subscriptions repectively as part of their packages.

Virgin reckon there’s more to come and say they’re in discussions with other content providers regarding further ‘weapons’ in the Virgin Media ‘arsenal’. We literally cannot wait. Figuratively speaking.

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  • Big G.
    VM need to concentrate on getting channels to their line up rather than poncing around with stuff like this.

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