Virgin Atlantic drop price of NYC flights to £225 return

All of us find ourselves alone in a bar at some point in our lives, our mobile phone the only connection we enjoy with society. Sometimes, when we're sad and blue without a friend in the world, we need something to lift our spirits; an unexpected offer, a journey some place new, a piping hot deal - or maybe a combination of all three.

The current recession does have an upside - the combination of our money-tightening ways and the weak pound abroad are forcing some companies to buy our business. One example of this arrived in the inboxes of Virgin Atlantic Flying Club members this morning; economy trips to New York between now and the end of May are available for available from just £225.

Prices haven't been been this low for years; even before Christmas when Virgin traditionally drop their prices to the deck, a return flight was still £279.  For those with a little more cash to splash, a seat in Premium Economy costs from just £499 return.

So chin up, laughing boy! Book a flight to the city that never sleeps and turn that frown upside down!


  • me o.
    i did some research once into planes, heres a quote so that everyone knows im clever: "dont tell them ur name pike! ah...Pike""
  • MinstrelMan
    Can I just point out a flaw in the story...... someone obviously took that picture, so that person is not alone, as the story may suggest.
  • New B.
    MM - he does look sad and lonely though, and it isn't a story.
  • Guv
    He looks quite cute actually!
  • acecatcher3
    i would unban me plz
  • acecatcher3
    o hi hunny, whats poppin
  • acey b.
    whats happening with all this moderation lolza
  • Mark
    You may get your flight cheaply but have you seen the price of the hotels? :-O
  • Sasha
    I heard these flights are to Newark, which is a bit out of the way. I paid 270 with virgin the Christmas before last, and I was getting 2 dollars to the pound. If you have to go to NY, then this is ok, but hardly deal of the decade.
  • agaveworm
    I'd pay £225 to get the hell out of America.... But I do like apple pie..............hmmmmmmm
  • cooki2222
    Newark aint that far out of nyc its a 30min train ride

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