Viral marketing gone bad - because Joseph Fritzl is funny, right?

Those cheeky scamps at What are they like, eh? The rascals. They're an online IT recruitment specialist, fulfilling a need in the universe of roughly equal significance to coughing until you vomit. But how do you attract plenty of pairs of eyeballs to gawp at your vacancies? Why, you indulge in the modern wonder that is viral marketing.

CWJobs created the skills cloud generator to help IT professionals visualise the skills on their CV and show them off. That let the snappily-titled If Everyone Wore Their Skills Cloud. I know, brilliant isn't it? It lets you upload an image and see your skills cloud on a t-shirt you're wearing. Amazing.

It doesn't get any more exciting than that. Really, it doesn't. And just in case you're in any doubt as what you're meant to do, CWJobs have provided some mildy offensive examples:

Ah ha ha. Nurse, my sides. The industrial-strength cotton, please. Quickly. Can you do better? Can you be arsed? Send your efforts to [email protected] The winner will receive nothing whatsoever in the way of prizes or gratitude. Thanks to Bitterwallet reader Matt


  • Francis R.
    My T-shirt says... Felatio
  • Rubisco
    Funny? No, hilarious!
  • dvdj
    Fucking brilliant!

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