Vimto gets a rebrand with a toad

Vimto is being relaunched with a toad.

The drinks brand has new-look packaging, and has introduced 'Vimtoad', a novelty Northern-style mouthpiece created by Aardman Animations.


While no evidence exists of toads liking Vimto - although we're aware that crows find Kia-Ora 'too orangey' thanks to being citrus intolerant - this will, the company hopes, boost sales as well as helping expand a No Added Sugar range for the healthier set.

Which is a bit strange, as Vimto was originally as a 'health tonic' back in 1908. Great days.

Vimto brand manager Clare Brown says, "Vimtoad and our new packaging will continue to appeal to our young consumers while also attracting a wider audience".

The name is still an anagram of 'vomit' though.


  • amazon s.
    They better not change the damn original recipe by stealth like other companies. Yes batchelors, im looking at you and your rehashed flavours of supernoodles and pasta and sauce. If they so much as change one molecule of flavour I will kidnap the toad and do unspeakable things to it until the ransom of 100 billion dollars is paid.
  • Chiggers
    I bloody love Vimto, me. Would be nice if they could sort out their distribution in that London though. Like maybe get Sainsbury's or Tesco to sell it in their little shops, since there soon won't be any other brand of little shop to buy stuff from, the way they're taking over.
  • Mr_Marlowe
    Vimtoad reminds me of Slurms McKenzie from Futurama.

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