Video: U.S. National Debt too large for National Debt Clock

It looks like the Americans might have to build a new national debt clock, seeing the American national debt has finally hit tens of trillions of dollars this week, and the National Debt Clock in NYC could no longer display the total amount.

The clock in the video below has been constantly running in midtown Manhattan since 1989. And recently, when it hit $10 trillion, they even had to shift the dollar sign to display the "1" temporarily until they come out with the new clock sometime next year.

Let's just hope they don't hit $20 trillion before then.

But does it not make you wonder, why are they even bothering building a new clock?

How about hiring one of 'em unemployed Lehman Brothers stock brokers to hold up a white board instead at minimum wage?

I'm sure they can handle the digits.

"U.S. National Debt Grows Too Large For Clock" [YouTube]

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  • Should B.
    [...] that to a US debt of now over $10 trillion USD, that shows the absolute trust that people have put into paper currency over the last 20 or so [...]

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