Vegemite forced to reboot stupidly-named spread

420isnack-420x0Here in Britain, we generally hate it when products we know and love change their names for no good reason other than to fit with the shifty, flighty types that go to make up ‘the rest of the world.’

Marathon became Snickers, Opal Fruits became Starburst and Jif inexplicably became Cif, but being the plucky, stiff upper lip-sporting Brits that we are, we had a light grumble and got on with it.

Down under in Australia, when a product gets a new name that the public hate, things happen. Vegemite ran a competition to name their cream cheese-impregnated variant of their largely disgusting spread. The winner was 27-year-old web designer Dean Robbins, although to be fair, that wasn’t his fault. The crappy name that he submitted, possibly for a laugh? Vegemite iSnack2.0. Oh yes.

The response was the Australian public was swift and vicious – in a nutshell, the entire nation was outraged, almost unanimously calling for the name to be scrapped and Robbins to be forced to run naked through Sydney "wearing nothing but a generous lathering of old-fashioned Vegemite as retribution for his cultural crime".

Tricky one for Vegemite, who reckon they’ve still go thousands of jars of the shittily-named tripe to be flogged before another, more palatable moniker can be selected. But, when you consider that some other the other notable suggestions included 2ritemite, Ruddymite and Wow Chow, iSnack2.0 doesn’t sound all that bad really.


  • verdilith
    may I humbly suggest "strewth mite"
  • Andrew R.
    Apparently Cif was renamed as those spaz-lipped continental Europeans couldn't pronounce the J as in Jiffy and said Yif instead. The difference it makes, I don't know!
  • NobbyB
    And many of them pronounce cif as chif, so it sounds like a bit like jif. But then, come call it sif. They should definitely upgrade the name to iSnack2.1. Or what about cheese + vegemite = chite.
  • The B.
    Mmmm, Vegemite, better than bloody Marmite by a country mile.
  • Cobber
    Given the somewhat bland and beige mixture of cheese and yeast - LactoVeg? Vegemousse? MousseVita? WheyBetta? Mild-E-Mite? BOS (Brown Operating System)? EdiPutty? Inspreadable!
  • Mike U.
    Sounds like SHIT!!
  • Bandito B.
    What about 'Bum Lickings'? Or better still, as it's a cheesy variety 'Vegemite Felchings'?
  • rose
    there's a great article about the new kraft product debacle over at the naming & branding blog 'on the button.' have a look:
  • nmerrett
  • Dan W.
    What about bollocks-mite?

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