Vaguely Consumer-ish News: Dog Drives Van Into Shop

As you know, Bitterwallet is a serious consumer site. That’s C-O-N-S-U-M-E-R. So, if we tracked down a story about a dog that had driven a van into a church, we’d chuck it to one side.

Likewise, if we unearthed a story about a dog that had driven a van into a school, we’d turn our noses up at it, and rightly so – where exactly is the consumer angle? There isn’t one.

But a story about a dog that’s driven a van into a coffee shop? Hell, yeah – we’re all over that like a cheap suit on a monkey. If it’s a shop of some kind then it’s a consumer story, and that’s what we’re all about.

This is Bentley, who had been left in the van while his musician owner popped into the Cool Beanz coffee house in Long Island (above) on Wednesday night to sign up for their busker’s night.

Somehow, Bentley shifted the gearstick and ploughed the vehicle straight through the shop window, guaranteeing himself 15 minutes of fame. He wasn’t seriously injured in the incident although someone said they’d heard him say he was feeling a bit ‘Ruff.’


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