US still inventing burgers to kill consumers in a single bite

The British have yet to take a single bite from the awesomeness that is the KFC Double Down, and already it's been knocked from it's lard-smothered throne in the US. It took the genius of a fast-food chain called Friendly's, one of the many that's rarely heard of outside the country, to create a sandwich that nearly triples the calorie count of the Double Down. Ladies and gentlemen, Bitterwallet presents to you - the Grilled Cheeseburger Melt:

Bitterwallet - grilled cheeseburger melt

The Grilled Cheeseburger Melt will kick you in the gut with no less than 1,500 calories, including 97 grams of fat and 2,090 milligrams of salt. But attempting to kill you even quicker is another minor-league fast food chain Carl's, who are about to trial... the foot long cheeseburger:

Bitterwallet - the foot long cheeseburger
Compared to Friendly's offering, however, it's a healthy alternative that only packs in 850 calories and 20 grams of saturated fat. Practically a salad, then. As avid Bitterwallet reader Harry told us: a hard artery is a strong artery.


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    "The UGCB isn’t close to being the most high-calorie item on Friendly’s menu. That would be the 1,710-calorie Clamboat Basket, with 102 grams of fat and 3,070 milligrams of sodium." Also, it isn't 2g of salt - sodiumx2.542=salt, giving you 5gram (5084mg) of salt. That is the recommended adult daily intake in one meal. That "clamboat basket" is almost 8gram of salt in one meal, and can be a fatal amount. Cheeky cunts at "carls", using the saturated fat content rather than total fat - if it has 20g of saturated fat, the total fat content is likely to be even higher than the "friendly" melt.
  • Morocco
    If, compared to Friendly's, it's a healthy alternative, then they can't be attempting to kill you quicker, surely?
  • Felacio N.
    Bitterwallet still rehashing old stories about big burgers to fill space
  • ButterMan
    Don't you have a name going round in that neanderthal skull of yours? Don't you have someone to kill?
  • Arnie
    WoW these burgers look great!! how can i make these at home, has anyone got the recipe?? i am trying to gain some weight at present, thats what i do it's a hobby. I also have a feeder, who is currently on holiday (Mexico) so am stcuk in my bed..alone, fat and cold and need a quick fat fix...or maybe a love intrest? It would be great if anyone could help me with either? Your great Hit me back.
  • ButterMan
    Fuck a Twinkie - problem solved.
  • Burger B.
    [...] Following our recent coverage of the USA’s attempt to ease the burden of population by dousing them in burgers and lard, avid Bitterwallet reader Ben has unearthed this treat for your eyes and belly. [...]

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