Urgghh - it's the 14 worst soft drinks ever!

Just the other day we were all sitting around in Bitterwallet’s underground HQ, trying to come up with a list of 14 of the worst soft drinks ever to hit the shelves. We’d got as far as 12 when we realised that those crazy-ass kids over at cracked.com had already just gone and done it. Gah!

What’s more, their list was much better than ours, including as it did yoghurt-flavoured Pepsi, a garlic flavoured drink, a cannabis drink (for kids, obviously) and Eel Soda. Yes, you read that right, Eel Soda.

Assuming you’ve got a strong stomach, we’d recommend you getting over there now and checking out the rest of the list before getting stuck into your kitchen cupboards and trying to concoct one of your own that’s potentially even worse. And if it doesn’t contain half a bottle of Mr Muscle sink unblocker, it ain’t getting anywhere near the list.


  • Mike H.
    Is cannabis drink not just bong water? Mmmmmm tasty, bong water...
  • acecatcher3
    meh that site is blocked at work, cudda hit the list up andy :@
  • Gus
    Iit should include that "24" energy drink as well!
  • Mike H.
    ace - If the list was that dick in his Audi that cut me up this morning then proceeded to shake his head as if it was my fault that I was in the way then I would hit it up ace, and I wouldn't stop hitting it up until it was crying for it's fuckin mummy! Thanks for allowing me to intertwine your story with my rant BW, much apprecicated.
  • johnny
    "We’d got as far as 12 when we realised that those crazy-ass kids over at cracked.com had already just gone and done it. Gah! " You've never let it stop you before when posting 'original' stories. pretty bad one popular in italy is called beverly - sour :S "Drinking an aperitif before dinner to stimulate the appetite is a traditional part of Italian refreshment culture. Beverly, with it's (sic) bitter flavor, is a popular non-alcoholic aperitif. " not sure its up to the standards of those freakish drinks though
  • Martin
    I just made myself an egg soda, but I had to use lemonade as I cannot be arsed to walk 500m to get some club soda from my local coop. Not bad at all.
  • HB
    What about "Pocari Sweat", the slightly odd Japanese soft drink?
  • acecatcher3
    @ gus - 24 is a quality drink @ mike - glad u got that off ur chest!! @ martin - thats nasty
  • MinstrelMan
    holy shit, and I thought the the mid 90's drink that promoted Alton Towers Nemesis ride, which was a blackcurrent and liquorice was bad. does spunk in a can feature anywhere on that list? I know a few girls who's purchase a 24 pack o that..... not saying anything bout the lasses of rochdale like.
  • acecatcher3
    isnt ur missus from rochdale minstrel??
  • MinstrelMan

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