Urban Outfitters sell massacre sweatshirt

Fashion is a peculiar thing at the best of times, but Urban Outfitters are currently annoying a lot of people over a jumper that appears to celebrate a massacre.

The description of the 'vintage Kent State sweatshirt' reads: “Washed soft and perfectly broken in, this vintage Kent State sweatshirt is cut in a loose, slouchy fit. Excellent vintage condition. We only have one, so get it or regret it!”

That seems fine and all, but some readers will remember that Kent State university was the scene of a massacre and this particular jumper seems to be covered in blood stains.


kent state


So there you have it. You too can own a sweater that is covered in pretend blood stains, just like the blood stains on those gunned down at Kent State in the '70s.

Next up: Columbine pencil cases filled with mock blood.

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  • OlPeculier
    Don't you think the fact they are saying they only having one for sale is that it is blatant click bait? Oh, then you go and report it because it's.. Never mind.

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