Ugh. Witness the 'haul video'. Ugh.

There is a truly horrible phenomenon – they call it the ‘haul video’ and here is a compilation of some of the best (worst?) ones. The concept is simple – materially-obsessed shoppers make YouTube videos in which they unashamedly boast about the stuff they’ve just acquired down at the shops. The current economic climate only adds to make it even more sickening than it ordinarily might be.

If any of you fancy making making an ‘anti-haul video’ where you brag about some bits of old shite that you’ve got lying around in your attic, we’ll be happy to feature them here. THERE ARE NO PRIZES.


  • Richard
    Fucking LOVE IT!!! :-D
  • Yodhe
    Yay! I get all my "haul-gear" thru hotukdeals. Twice is much plastic crap as I didn't need before... :D
  • mein c.
  • A w.
    I make one of these every night. Anybody want to buy some second hand knock off DVDs? I need to supplement my loss-making crack dealing somehow.
  • Sicknote
    I love the idea that these vacuous numbskull's will be serving my kids in fast food restaurants
  • Dick
    The hotties at the start were fun, but it goes down a bit once you get to the 41 year old and the mong.
  • pr0n r.
    Is it me or does the women at the very start (before you even press play) look like Jenna Haze :O *fapping*
  • bleachershane
    25? TWENTY FIVE?! Believe me, that make up ain't working the miracles you think it is OAP!

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