Uber to pay millions to customers after lawsuit

uber taxi Uber has agreed to cough-up £19.6m to customers, settling a couple of class-action lawsuits regarding their 'safe rides' fee. Now, this is only for Americans, so you can either think 'well done you' or get your finger out and sue the UK wing. Or you can carry on doing something else with your life - we're not the boss of you.

Anyway, Uber will no longer be using phrases such as "the safest ride on the road" and "gold-standard background checks" when advertising themselves, because it seems some people might be misled by it all.

See, Uber have been saying that their 'safe rides' fee saw them able to do industry-leading checks on anyone who was going to drive for them. However, Uber didn't do the fingerprint checks that are required of other cab drivers. So now, Uber will have renaming the fee a 'booking fee', which goes toward background checks and other costs.

This suit covered every single one of the 25 million passengers who used the company in America between 1st January 2013 and 1st January 2016. When it comes down to it, after legal fees, it works out at about a dollar each for all those customers. Oh, and a judge has to approve the settlement first, which might take ages.

A spokesperson said: "We are glad to put these cases behind us and we will continue to invest in new technology and great customer services so that we can help improve safety in the cities we serve."

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  • Inspector G.
    Uber arn't as ubiquitous as they think to be going around acting like dicks.

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