Uber improves service for disabled passengers

uber taxi Since a court ruled that Uber is lawful, they're ploughing on to win hearts and minds... but not with black cab drivers obviously.

One of the things they've done is improved their service for disabled passengers. From now, passengers should enter the ASSISTUK code, which means the operator will send out a trained driver who has passed a Transport for All and Inclusion London course to pick them up.

Their vehicles will be equipped to store scooters, folding wheelchairs, walkers and the like. By next year, Uber says that they'll add fully wheelchair-accessible cars to their fleet. It looks like it is London only at the moment, but that's sure to change in the coming months.

"uberASSIST is an important step towards making our platform even more accessible for all of London's riders. We're always working hard to make sure we serve every part of every community in every city," said Uber general manager Jo Bertram.

"We've been working to develop uberASSIST for a number of months and have heard from our charitable partners, Transport for All and Inclusion London, about the difficulties disabled people and people with access needs often face in accessing transport in London."

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