Uber bosses arrested

30 June 2015

uber taxi No-one likes Uber, apart from all the people who use the service all the time, of course. There's been a lot of legal bother about the company, and now, two Uber managers have been arrested and taken into custody for questioning regarding "illicit activity" which has been linked to taxi business.

The Uber managers, who have not been named, were detained in Paris yesterday.

This is the latest kerfuffle is in a long line of bad press for the company, which has seen violent strikes, and numerous action from governments trying to shut Uber down and stop them from operating in their cities. One of the biggest rows has been about protecting taxi drivers and regulating labour.

French authorities are angered that Uber doesn't pay the same taxes and social charges as other taxis do.

The latest news saw Uber saying that they would keep operating until a ruling by France's top court says otherwise.

Globally speaking, Uber have also argued that taxi systems are outdated and need reform, and that everyone else needs to keep up with apps and geo-localisation.

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