Two signs are better than one in St Albans

Attention residents of St Albans in Hertfordshire! Want to see your hard-earned taxes at work?

Bitterwallet - essential new sign

We've got to be honest with you, we're a little unsure what's going on here. The larger sign doesn't appear to cause any obstructions to motorists when viewed on Google Street Maps, and more importantly it provides far more information to motorists than its (presumed) replacement. Furthermore, replacements by their very nature 'replace' something else, so even as a replacement sign this is hopeless since the older sign is still there.

That's not all that's desperately incompetent about this situation; avid Bitterwallet reader Alistair (who took the photo) also mentions that the workmen dug two large holes in the ground for the new sign, despite it only requiring one pole. Outstanding.

Anybody with an insight into the strange and unusual workings of local councils care to guess at what's occurring here?


  • Darren
    Bitterwallet, so behind the times, Do you not see... its pretty clear they are moving with the times and going for the 3D approach. Simples.
  • Witchcraft
    "Anybody with an insight into the strange and unusual workings of local councils" obviously practices witchcraft, and should be burnt at the stake. Or stuffed inside a hessian bag and tossed into a lake. Like a puppy.
  • St A.
    It's obvious, no one wants to go to Hatfield, it's a ****hole, from the delights of the Galleria (now sans wax ice rink) to the delightful pubs full of charming, not at all racist chaps who simply want to practice their pugilism skills on anyone passing. Given that, Hatfield council have obviously started putting up their own signs to make absolutely sure people know how to get there, a bit pointless when you consider most of the population of Hatfield sign their name with a X.
  • Paul N.
    I think St All Bran may be on the right path. The previous sign gave motorists the ability to go elsewhere. The new sign shows all other roads to be dead ends thus leaving only one option and escape that much more difficult.
  • Alexis
    They'll be removing the bigger sign before long - it's usual to put up the replacement sign first and then come back to remove the old one (don't know why). Smaller one is probably less of an eyesore. But less use if you want to go anywhere but Hatfield.
  • Dick
    If you turn it on its side, it looks a bit like Dame Edna's glasses.
  • chris c.
    All sign to hatfield should be directed to the tunnel, so you don't have to even see the hell hole that is hatfield!

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