Two essential tips for your new Kindle

The Amazon Kindle has been incredibly popular this Christmas and as a long-time Kindle user here are two essential tips for your next-generation electronic reading wonder.

(1) Get free books. Yep, free as in beer. The great thing about the Kindle is that all those out-of-copyright and otherwise free ebooks can now be read on the e-ink screen instead of your glaring laptop. Don't know where to find free books? No worries here is the Bitterwallet guide to free Kindle ebooks.

(2) If you are downloading DRM free ebooks from multiple sources (not just the Amazon Kindle store) or you want to convert ebooks from pdf to .mobi then you need to download the amazing and open-source Calibre software. Calibre is like iTunes for your Kindle. It will manage all your ebook files, sync them to your Kindle and magically convert just about any format to any format (but most importantly MOBI which is the native Kindle file type).


  • Milky
    Still a fan of BOOKS made of paper pulp, the other thing being that the loophole for VAT to luxenbourg will soon be closed & vat on books relate thereafter to the country the e-book is subsequently issued to (you the end user, thus UK taxation rates) the moment Luxembourg is simply coining it in..
  • Dick
    There is no VAT on ebooks downloaded from torrent sites as they are free.
  • Sawyer
    Re. point number 2: The reason I bought a Kindle was because it meant I didn't have to faff about with that crap Calibre software! To be fair, this was a couple of years ago when Kindles were US-only and Sony Readers were still pushing their proprietaryLRF format*, for which there were maybe 8 books available, so had to get everything in a different format and convert. I believe Calibre is much improved since then.
    • Paul N.
      I only started using Calibre about 18 months ago so I couldn't tell you what it was like years back. As of now it is a great bit of software!
  • MikeD
    Don't get a Kindle. Buy a open format EPUB reader like Kobo or Sony. Only a braindead idiot would buy a car that only accepts petrol from a single filling station.... People need to put their brain in gear before buying the first thing they see..

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