Turn your glitter to litter with Cats4Gold

"Turn your unwanted or broken jewelry - gold, silver, platinum, ring chains and bracelets - into cold hard cats from Cats4Gold. With gold, silver and platinum at their highest value in decades, Cats4Gold is able to give you top collar for your unwanted jewelry. And because we own our refinery, we can cut out the middleman, which means more cats in your pocket."

Bitterwallet - cats4gold.com


  • Brians U.
    Does this mean that if i melt a cat it will turn into gold. What if ive already put the cat in the microwave and killed it but hasnt "melted"?
  • Mark M.
    this is funny... hilarious....... love it!
  • John
    This should keep the local kebab shops ticking over for a while.
  • piggy
    Freaky cat pictures, lol
  • Phil
    @piggy - I think thats deliberate.
  • pauski
    Nothing new here - I have been giving cash4pussy for ages.
  • Brians K.
    You wally Brian , the advert clearly states you can turn GOLD into CATS and not the other way round. This backs up the alchemists who proved you cannot get gold from base pets.
  • Joff
    Thank you BW. I am LOLing and everything.
  • NobbyB
    The site is a con. I used it a few weeks ago and they sent a poodle as they had run out of cats.
  • NobbyB
    @ Brians Keeper You can turn cats into gold ... http://www.cats4gold.com/
  • Alan
    That's not the type of cats I got when I handed over my cash
  • oliverreed
    @Alan it's all in the small print "***Colours and features may vary"
  • Zeddy
    I didn't see this on TV.

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