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tesco NEW You might have been keenly following the recent saga of Tesco’s Double The Difference price comparison refund malarkey, and the way it was withdrawn when savvy shoppers began taking advantage of it.

Some were claiming refunds in excess of £100, which displeased the Tesco overlords, so they put a cap on refunds, to the tune of £20. Then, by way of further discouraging shoppers from comparing and claiming, they withdrew the list of items that were compared from the Pricecheck website, citing a technical hitch. It has never returned.

Thankfully, there’s, which was set up by David Whitehouse of Middlesbrough. It trawls through the Tesco and Asda websites and collates the items that are cheaper at Asda. Then, according to the site, all you do is…

Select items which are cheaper to buy at Asda than Tesco

Buy those items at Tesco, but none which are cheaper at Tesco as the price comparison is made on your whole transaction. You can bulk out your shopping with items which are the same price at Tesco and Asda

Go to and enter your receipt details and wait for the results.

Check your email. You will receive an email with a link to your results. If you have bought correctly you will have a voucher to print off up to the value of £20

Spend the voucher within 28 days either instore or online. You will need your original receipt to redeem the voucher

It’s not the mad free-for-all that it was a few weeks ago, but hey, as Tesco say, every little helps.


  • Marzipan
    " Then, by way of further discouraging shoppers from comparing and claiming, they withdrew the Pricecheck website, citing a technical hitch. It has never returned." Err, really? It's been working for me every week for the past month and it still appears to be live here: Not that I ever save any money on the bastarding thing.
  • Andy D.
    Significant part of sentence had been omitted. Now added.
  • The M.
    I don't understand. If they refund the difference, why don't you just buy the items from ASDA anyway?
  • Dick
    Why not just buy stuff you want rather than buying stuff that is cheaper in another store.
  • Frank
    All those people who claimed large refunds were not being savvy, there were abusing the system. All this will lead to is Tesco withdrawing the offer and then never offering it again.
  • callum
    That makes no sense whatsoever - I assume the person developed the site for when they had the previous guarantee and is just trying to make the best of it? Either that or he is a moron. Could someone please explain why I would want to deliberately pay more than I need to for my shopping, then claim the difference back?
  • callum
    Saying that, I guess it's beneficial if you have the inclination to research the price of every single item you wanted to buy beforehand and then split it up into 2 different transactions at the till. A lot of hassle for not a lot of savings though.
  • dvdj
    All of the cheap, worthless, scrounging, jobless benfit-cheating scum over at hotukdeal must be creaming their pants. Could I be arsed? Could I fuck. My time is worth more.
  • Dick
    I can see it might be useful if you have a nearby Tesco, but not an Asda.
  • DP
    The benefit is the fact that they refund DOUBLE the difference.
  • DP
    Ok... it's the double the difference bit they scrapped. I'll go back into my box.
  • Sawyer
    It might also be useful because Tesco actually sell things. My local Asda is just aisle after aisle of empty shelves*. This way you can buy things from Tesco at the price that Asda claim they would sell them for, if they had any. *a slight exaggeration. I think they still had some pop tarts.
  • Andy D.
    I think the major benefit is that Tesco have Clubcard. Therefore Tesco shoppers want to build up their points while getting cheaper prices.
  • Joe B.
    "why don’t you just buy the items from ASDA anyway?" Nearest Tesco - 1 Mile round trip Nearest ASDA - 30 Mile round trip Price of petrol - A f*cking lot.
  • The M.
    Thanks for the replies gents. Although the time taken probably isn't worth such an activity - if you spent an hour doing this, how much would you need to earn to better your current wage?
  • Touchwood
    Trolleychecker seems to have gone down this afternoon!

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