Trainers we're certain we'll never want to wear...

Number one in what we hope will be a very short series - the Adidas JS Leopards.Yours for only £140.00 - a small price to pay for months of 'attention'.

Screen Shot 2012-02-27 at 09.18.13


  • Dick
    They would complement a nice leopard catsuit well. Especially for sex games where she tries to run away.
  • The B.
    Do they do them in Fox? I'm not asking for me, they're for a "friend".
  • Mike
    Much prefer these:
  • Mike H.
    A months dole will get you a pair you fucking chavs!
  • PokeHimPete
    @Mike Hock Depends on how many kids they have and whether they have any learning disabilities, I mean how thick as shit they are. Some could acquire them in just a single 'working' day!
  • Boxing P.
    Didn't Prince Naseem Hamed wear these bad lads in the ring?

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