Toys, tools, and John Kramer - it's all a puzzle to Amazon

25 August 2010

Everybody's bloody at it - not only are video games turning our children into killing machines, the retailers want to put tools of destruction into innocent hands. Or maybe it's already happened - avid Bitterwallet reader Geraint received this email flyer from Amazon, and it looks like years of violence on our TV screens are taking their toll. Or perhaps the endless repeats of Property Ladder:

Bitterwallet - Amazon Toys FAIL

Oh I see. Jigsaw. One word, two meanings. Contextual recommendation FAIL ahoy, Amazon.


  • Paul
    Something for the next GTA game? A jigsaw to shank someone's face open with :)
  • Jonny S.
    Double meaning? Have you never seen the SAW films? Triple meaning!
  • Codifu
    Worst photoshop ever...
  • Shandy C.
    Photoshopped... BW FAIL
  • Nobby
    How do you repeat the search, I never get "More to Explore" boxes.
  • Geraint
    If anyone wants me to forward them the email then please let me know! I pasted the pic into Paint to highlight the words! :)
  • Felacio N.
    OK. Who took a snapshot of Jon Venables' Amazon account?

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