Toshiba releases World's First Upscaling Regza ZV HDTV new HDTV may look nice, but with 99% of all television broadcasts still in standard definition, do you sit there in cold comfort, or hope that an upscaling HDTV would eventually surface?  Toshiba comes to the rescue, announcing the release of their new REGZA ZV 1920 x 1080p high definition television series with built in upscaling capabilities, claiming to be the first HDTV on the market with such technology.

The REGZA ZV Series promises to improve the HD viewer experience by upscaling non-HD broadcasts to a quality closer to that of HD. The new televisions use Toshiba’s Quad Core HD processor, which contains design components from the Cell processor chip, which Toshiba co-engineered with Sony Computer Entertainment, and IBM, and is used in the highly popular PlayStation 3. The Quad Core processor allows Toshiba’s new LCD televisions to sharpen images and give them the appearance of increased depth and texture, making all broadcasts at least HD-esque.

It will be released this December, in a 42in model priced at £900 and a 46" model at £1200.  A little pricey for just adding an upscale function, if you ask me.

[Tech Digest]

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