Too much time + too much money = a full-size wooden Ferrari

Wood. What is it good for? Apart from making trees out of, setting fire to and building high-performance sports cars from? Nothing. Nothing whatsoever.



  • Alan
    Probably still more comfy than my corsa. :(
  • jah
    Do you think the tag 'funny wooden cars that float' will get a lot of entries?
  • Pokey
    Or the 'pointless hobbies' tag. I wonder if the guys behind this site had a few pointless hobbies to indulge in then would they still come across as a bunch of moaning twats with nothing better to do and a shelf full of dusty aspirations.
  • magicbeans
    they see me sinkin....they hatin
  • magicbeans made me lol
  • viBrant
    Wooden doors, wooden wheels, wooden seats... ..wooden start. chortle..
  • Amanda H.
    Can't wait to see Jeremey Clarkson blow it up with a torpedo.
  • Ivan
    I like it. Lol
  • dude
  • Jack
    I think they should put some no smoking signs in there.
  • Joe
    LAWL magicbeans, very amusing. I hate jeremy clarkson. What a fag.
  • Stupid
    Haha! Did you guys notice that it is a 'cowboy' driving?????

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