Too Fat to Work? We'll Pay For It you haven't met the Chawners yet, you should. Because that's who you have been buying breakfast, lunch and dinner for these past 11 years.

The Chawners have been big news in Britain over the weekend, for claiming a 5 figure yearly benefit figure because they are 'too fat to work'. They sound like something you'd see in a TV comedy, except that this real life Royle family is no TV show.

In fact, they have not worked for 11 years, and have been claiming £22,508 a year in benefits from YOUR pocket for income support, incapacity benefit and disability allowance. Their explanation is that their 'heriditary condition' makes them too FAT to work.

But don't worry. Just keep scoffing 'em pies. The £22,508 a year in benefits should cover that, right?

Wrong. They are now insisting that the 5 figure sum they have been getting from us is simply not enough to cover their bills and food on the table.

"We have cereal for breakfast, bacon butties for lunch and microwave pies with mashed potato or chips for dinner."

Yummy, but surely that doesn't amount to £22k a year, even if you account for a TV license so that they can gather around the couch every evening? What do they do with the remaining cash, then? Eat it?

Perhaps we're being harsh, but plenty of hard working people are experiencing the effects of tough times especially in the recession. An increasing number of families are filing bankruptcies and loosing homes everyday. Reading about how much this family has continue to actually enjoy the benefits of social security for the last 11 years makes me wonder how this is even possible. Why not just get them jobs in McDonalds, where they can eat all the McChicken they want while flipping burgers. Or better yet, how about investing in a few electicity generating treadmills, and do a reality TV show?

[Times Online]


  • Pizza_D_Action
    Fat scrounging wasters living off my taxes.... I am surprised....
  • Stolendiagram
    Not to worry, there's a FAT chance (zing) of them being alive that much longer! Parasites (massive fat fucker alien parasites of course)
  • -=Mike H.
    PUT THE FUC*KING BEN AND JERRYS DOWN, SWITH YOUR 52" PLASMA OFF , GET OFF YOU FAT FUC&KING ARSES AND GET A FUCKIN*G JOB YOU FAT FUC*KING CU*NTS! (Apologies for the profanity Monseiur Moderator, but I do believe it is acceptable in this instance)
  • Stolendiagram
    Don't you see though, it's not because they're "disabled" that they can't work, it's because they're so fat and pig ugly you'd need to be blind to want to employ them! Maybe the local Job Centre should ship them off to a fat farm to lose that weight, unless of course they believe their imminent deaths make that even less of a sound use of tax payer money...
  • Darren W.
    As much as I agree with all the above comments, as well as Mike Hock's I want to knockout the person who agree's the payments and process's all the paperwork.. I mean, he must be sat there going, well they are fat, but they do tick the boxes... go on, have more money that what I earn....
  • Tino
    C'mon haters... £ 22K for 4 people is only £ 5K per person. After the living expenses - (Electric for TV, microwave and stoves) - that would only leave them around £3K per person. They also need to buy clothing (more expensive clothing - due to their size), bus pass, car, etc etc. So at the end, they probably only have a budget of £ 1.50- 2.00 per meal. And they need to eat a bit more that regular size people. Maybe this blog can employ them to be one of the writers? - topics : where to find deals for overweight people.
  • acecatcher3
    i wish being too lazy was a disability, id be claiming for sure :( another 4 days after today!!!
  • FatHater
    Send them to Africa.
  • scrawny
    Not that I want to deny them the benefits they need to live, but complaining about £22k a year is a bit rich when you consider someone who is unemployed and claiming JSA has to live on £3k a year. Try campaining for better benefits for all, don't just think of yourselves you obese monsters.
  • Elliott
    Tino: Do you not understand how these people are so fat in the first place?! They don't require more food than the average person, they require less so they can lose some fecking weight!
  • master_chief
    I've seen people just as fat in employment before. Reminds of the Simpsons episode when Homer gains wait so he doesn't have to work.
  • who p.
    maybe they should stop eating all the pies!!!!!!! at the end of they day they had the choice whether to get fat of not and they choose the easy FAT way, they should get up off their fat backsides and do some excersize, there is no reason why everybody cant work, unless your in hospital and seriously ill! bloody scroungers, they should all be shamed and starved!!!!!
  • Tay
    They seemed to have enough energy to rush in to confront Simon Cowell when he slated their daughter on The X Factor. Plus didn't her dad make her dress for her first performance? Shows that he's able to pick up a needle and thread and get a job in a (horiible) dress makers.....
  • acecatcher3
    @tay great voice great body great dress shes got the xxxxxxxxxxL factor for sure.
  • Stolendiagram
    What really sickens me (apart from their body mass) is the fact that they have the balls to actually smile in that photo! If they don't die from obesity in the next year or so, I'm going to find where they live and lead a lynch mob there to take them out!
  • Amanda H.
    Tino, I doubt very much that 22k is the total, Full Rent PAID for by the council, full Council Tax Paid, then each would have an income IS/IB + DLA, I bet they get mobility aswell (nice new car, most expenses paid too), then theres the kids (they could be 8yr olds looking at the picture!), free school meals, free trips with the school, free music lessons, swimming lessons etc etc.
  • fatatron
    "‘heriditary condition’ makes them too FAT to work" - total wank, there are some conditions that predispose you to becoming obese or cause you to deposit or use fat differently, however, the first law of thermodynamics applies to humas too - 'you can't create or destroy energy, you cn only change its form' i.e. you don't get fat unless you fuel the body - i.e. by guzzling endless strings of sausages and boxes of eggs washed down with half a pig and a two litre bottle of coke for breakfast! Get off your fat arse, stop buying all that shit you call food and try some vegetables, water and exercise for a change. You fat cunts! And yes I am a fucking doctor.
  • Tay
    Has this ‘heriditary condition’ been confirmed by a qualified doctor? Or did they just eat him too?
  • Amanda H.
    I bet dinner time, is just like the scene at the Clumps, peeeep peeeeeeep, parrrrrp. "You fat cunts! And yes I am a fucking doctor." I just can't imagine any Doctor talking like that? Sorry, Doctor Who?
  • they-eat-alot
    It is so sad that hard working folks suffer and these fat fucks live sucking money out of the coffers that should go back to the people that put it there.
  • ihatefatpeople
    Seriously, these people actually make me feel physically sick! Freeloading fat cunts! - They should ineed get of there fat asses (if that is at all possible) and find work, but thinking about it who on earth would employ these people - i think scrounging off benefits if probably all they can hope for - fucking fat loosers!
  • Jenny
    I cannot believe they get away with it. I'm really really fat, but I fkin work for a living to pay for the healthy food like fish and veg that I'm eating to lose damn fkin weight!! Why don't they put down the greasy crap for healthy food ffs. And if they don't want to get off their arses, they don't have to leave their houses either to do work if they don't want too, there's working from home, why sponge of the state - have pride in yourself. Jeez. Lazy bstds.
  • The L.
    Another four greedy snouts feeding from the trough lined with hard-working taxpayer's money.
  • Tino
    @ Amanda & Elliott, I dont like people taking on benefits when they are just lazy. What I am trying to say is that, the amount is not as much as we all would like to think. Our MPs claim 2 to 3 times of that amount in just housing allowance. What's the solution, then? Lynching them is not the solution :), stopping the benefit without giving them a job would probably make them ill (then NHS bills would be really high).
  • Dominic P.
    Anyone seen Tropic Thunder? The fake trailer at the beginning of the film with Jack Black.... It's The Fatties!
  • Honky S.
    Fat is the new Fad. I have just quit work and am now putting on the pounds - getting you miserable bastards to pay for it is a bonus - cos I was gonna do it anyhows!!
  • Amanda H.
    MP's take the piss, I agree, but one MP represents 100,000's of people, I bet Mr & Mrs Lard aren't the only ones. @Jenny, Good for you! Take a look at Mr Lard above, my Local Tesco Delivery Driver is fatter than him, and he's earning a living? Ok so my driver does eat all my pork pies, and one time my crisp & dry was only half full, but still.
  • Martin
    I know the answer to the question "What happens if I only eat crisps?".
  • Lardy
    I too am going to eat lard sandwiches and a cup of goose grease so I no longer have to work!!
  • Lardy
    crisps = potato = vegetable so that means crisps are health food.
  • -=Mike H.
    Amanda, to be fair to your fat bastard of a delivery driver, Crisp 'n' dry is half fat, so he probbaly drank the half without any fat in, so he is thinking of his weight.
  • Watch m.
    All I have to say is - is there any need for so much f'ing and blinding? Yes it makes me mad that they get paid for sitting on their bums from the taxes we all work hard to pay but you all being so vile by calling them all the names under the sun is so wrong. Did you ever stop to think its not slagging off and being laughed at they need. Did you ever think that they need help? No! It's quite clear to me that these people need help! And instead of venting all your anger out on here, shouldn't you be offering them your help to re-educate them.
  • Chris
    Maybe the fat cunts should join me on my 14 mile post round in the morning. I will have to find an extra large saddle but they would soon lose the weight. lazy fucking cunts
  • blackgerbil1
    Good on em, IF you work hard and play the game (like me on 120k a year bragh) you get fuk all, i meen my free milks been taked away @ skool !. if ya Shag the benifits sistem and ya sorted. fat fukers benifit cheets rule :)
  • Watch m.
    Chris - I'm guessing you are one of those who has never had a weight problem and bully for you. It's all very well you sitting there high and mighty judging everyone. But who are you???? No offence but your not exactly a high achiever - after all you are just a POSTMAN! A job at the end of the day nevertheless but not exactly a title to give you the right to be such a tosser! No PhD, Meidical degree, nothing. You might have a few GCSE's and a spiteful tongue but that's it. You probably enjoy taking the mick out of everyone else to make yourself feel that little bit better. Cos lets face it your life is as good as its ever going to get! At the end of the day after all has been said and done you're still one sad, sad, sad little person. Who needs to get grow up and get a life.
  • blackgerbil1
    after all you are just a POSTMAN! A job at the end of the day nevertheless but not exactly a title to give you the right to be such a tosser! No PhD, Meidical degree @ least he kan spell cunt bag (unlike me or U ^^^) Cos lets face it your life is as good as its ever going to get! - mines great better than ur's and i bet your a benifits cheet to. cheeky CUNT
  • Amanda H.
    Pop Quiz... How much does Watch your mouth get in benefits, Im going for 15k-18k
  • Watch m.
    No, if you actually bothered to have read my other comment you would have seen that I do work!!!! And I very much doubt your life is as great as you're making it out to be! I pride myself on being a better human being than the rest of you! I don't lower myself to make fun of others to make myself feel better. I've been brought up not dragged up and don't use such foul disgusting words.
  • Watch m.
    18k for woking full time thank you very much :-)
  • blackgerbil1
    'woking' full time, secritary are ya. ooohhhh get you ARSE. I woke to @ 8am :) man luv rules :) and yeh fat fukers sholud be taken the piss owt of if it's my mummys taxes there nikin. fat cunts :(
  • veedubjai
    They have very low self-esteem, no respect & pride from the Public. I wonder what their next generation of their off-spring will say to them. "Daddy, what did you do for a living?" "My school friend, Dave's dad makes pies for a living." "What did you do?" The next generation will have no respect for their parents & the way they have been brought up to live to be like pigs scrounging from the Public for a living to stay alive. The sooner the Government stops paying out money from hard earning decent people & stop wasting tax payers money on these fat idle lazy bastards, the sooner the better. If the UK carries on like this, no wonder the ethics & morals behind all this will mean it's better to claim to be sick when medically they are perfectly able to work. They are not bloody disabled are they? Even the partial/fully disable who works & pays their taxes gets my respect. It's the younger generation that will be paying through their noses for the future pensioners. Their explanation is that their ‘heriditary condition’ makes them too FAT to work. I have a condition that I have to wear my glasses everyday but does that allow me to stay at home & sponge from the Public? What a load of bullshit! Send their details to the local DSS & remove their benefits immediately & get them to work & pay their way though hard graft. That will take their smiling faces off. There is no such thing as free lunch as someone has to pay for it. That way they will earn some respect & lose weight at the same time. I don't believe that £22,508 a year is the only final balance for the whole family. What about benefits claimed previously since they started declaring themselves ‘heriditary condition’ makes them too FAT to work. Who bloody approved this & on what grounds? Did any Doctors under the grounds of medically signed off for this bloody stunt to claim their benefits? If it was a Doctor, made be the Doctor's licence have to be referred to the GMC after all those years of studying. Doctor's own status to the Public duties is highly regarded for their responsibilities but this. This is a farce to the UK's hard working people. If it wasn't for the hard working people of this nation paying their taxes, these fat lazy idle bastards won't stand a chance of sitting at home & do nothing to show for their grand children. They have no morals & no respect from me.
  • Watch m.
    Now I've caught your attention! Fisrtly - my occupation is none of your concern!!! All you need to know is I work full time, and I pay my taxes. I come from a family who has always worked. Secondly - I used Chris (not sure male or female - had a mouth of a man so I'm going to assume he's a he) I apologise if you're not a guy. I used Chris for my experiment, he was the first person to comment after I did. Now I don't know this Chris - I know that he is a postman and that he does have a foul mouth. Nothing else. So what gives me the right to say what I did? Nothing gives me the right. I judged him on his comments and use of bad language. For all I know he could be a decent human being. I apologise for my comments Chris - who ever you may be. My words were cruel just like yours and many others who commented on here. Please try to understand I was trying to catch everyones attention to get my point across. My point being none of us know this family - so what gives us the right really to judge them? We know nothing of their background, past etc. All we are going on is by what we have read in this article. A piece of writing by a journalist and we all know how they exaggerate to get their juicy story. And if we believed every little bit of information we read in the paper or saw on the telly, there's not much we would do. Am I right? Now I do agree with the whole benefits thing - it's wrong how some people live the high life on other peoples expense. But we don't know what sort of background they are coming from. Their parents could have brought them up on benefits. If you've got no one there to encourage you to be all that you, you're not going to be. It's true what they say and I apologise if I offend anyone by saying this, a family on benefits raise another generation who raise another generation to be on benefits because that's all they've ever known. And whilst there are hundreds, thousands of people who are angry about this your anger should not be taken out on this family who is one family in I don't know how many who live like this. It should be taken out on the government who allow them to live like this, who don't do anything to encourage/motivate/re-educate these families. So the blame shouldn't be put on them. And I've seen it from another point of view, my father has worked all this life. He worked in a factory for 28 years and got made redundant just like thousands of others. He had a lump sum which cleared all his bills and left him with a little bit to live on. He's been unable to get a job since - not through lack of trying because believe me he tries so hard. All he is entitled to is job seekers allowance - which doesn't even cover all of the basics. He's been told to retrain but when he attended a local college he was told he would receive no help to fund his training. This is a man who has worked every hour God sent to be told at his time of need he couldn't have any help. However, if he had spent his life on benefits he would have it all gift wrapped. So I understand the frustration of everyone, but my anger is taken out on the government not these families. Another thing the cruel words you use to describe these people being is so mean. Do you forget that we are a nation of over weight people. There are more obese people in Great Britain than small people. Someone who has never had a weight problem is very quick to judge. They don't understand what really goes on inside. I'm speaking out as I know lots of obese people. Yes being over weight puts a strain on the NHS, but it also puts a strain on them. Doctors are very quick to tell their patients to loose weight, but how many actually follow them up? There are many people out there who generally have a problem with food and need help but where's the help? So you see instead of calling them fat c**ts and other disgusting words, you should offer your help. Everyone feels sorry for the people who think they are not thin enough and there is lots of help available for them. Being obese is also an eating disorder - so what help is available for them? Granted not every single person who is over weight has a disorder. But using this family as an example - they clearly have and there should be help to re-educate them, get them feeling better about themselves so they don't reach into the fridge, and to help get them mobile. So your anger should not be taken out of the families who live like this - but the people who turn their backs on them when they should be helping them!!!
  • Amanda H.
    Good, good. So, how can we help??? I could hide in their fridge with a shotgun!? We could install a tracking device on their car, so when they go shopping, Tesco could hide all the doughnuts? Throw me a frikking bone? Seriously, my local council has been giving vouchers to pregnant mums, but not for money off nappies, shampoo or curry, nor fags & booze, even the local druggies cant cash them in (I know Ive tried!). They are only redeemable for, dun dunnn duuuuuun!, "fruit" & "veg". Me thinks these people could benefit, if their benefit money was paid in cabbage.
  • Watch m.
    Re-educate them - that's all they need. Give them counselling, fitness and nutrition classes, put them in a job and give them a wage and say if you want more you have to work for it. A good dose of real life experience. If you throw someone straight in at the deep end sooner or later they'll start to swim. They'll learn the real value of money and if they want anything in life they will need to work for it. It's the governments fault for letting our nation get away with not working.
  • Watch m.
    I realise that sounds blunt - what i mean is some people just need a little push into the right direction.
  • andy y.
    Whilst we had ponzi banks paying taxes on fake profits we could afford to keep tossers in Aunt Bessie for no effort. The next 30 years will not be like that.We can't afford a welfare state for the lazy as well as the unfortunate. Our society will have to change through .These cunts will have to work..or starve..and if they starve they will lose a few pounds so can fucking work. At least at the moment they are doing something for the money ie being useless cunts
  • Stolendiagram
    Oh my God, I've just realised - does anyone watch Doctor Who? These "people" aren't "people" at all! They're Slitheen, living off the benefit system just long enough so that they can fully develop their insidious plot to devour all of humankind! Think of it, a family of fatties - how do you have an ENTIRE family of fatties? Is their DNA made up of lard?
  • Shuda W.
    Scrap the benefit system completely ! this country can ill afford to pay ANY BENEFITS.... SImple, if you dont work, you dont eat...... This country did exist once without benefits !
  • Amanda H.
    What about the Lards pay rise Shuda? How are they going to manage now, that BigMacs are 20p dearer?
  • disco m.
    .....blackgerbil1..... Do you really make what you claim to make? Your English in all your posts is so bad that I can't help but think that you might also be on a wee benefit or two... or maybe your just another hugely corrupted politician claiming all sorts of bogus expenses.
  • Is D.
    I H A T E people like this, really i do .. but i hate the way 'news' like this gets worded that they are 'stealing the tax payers money' .. its worded like that to wind us workers up, when in actual fact if every1 like this family got off their fat stupid arses and worked, do u really think you would be payin less tax? I hate these fat fu**s as much as i hate gordon brown.
  • Amanda H.
    I love the quotes from the Daily mail "'I don't have breakfast most days. Sometimes I don't have lunch either, and might only have a salad roll for tea. I'm always eating lettuce and apples and stuff.'" " time to raise the issue of Easter eggs. She points out that her girls get one each every year. Both leap in with clarifications. 'Only a little one, Mum,' says Emma. 'Tiny. Like those little mini eggs,' says Samantha, holding her thumb and finger about two millimetres apart.'" "She admits there might be crisps and chocolate in the kitchen cupboards, 'but they aren't for us. They are for our niece. You have to have those things in the house for children, don't you?'" "'The X Factor was the best thing that happened to me because I met so many celebrities through it,' says Emma, nodding to a picture of her with Eamonn Holmes on top of the TV."
  • Amanda H.
    I just lost a little bit of weight myself reading the interview. Were talking grammes here, and the washing machine will be busy today, but losing weight is losing weight!
  • Andrew
    How about the Chawners stop running a car on our money and walk everywhere? How about they give up television and walk round and round the block? In short, how about they take some responsibility for their condition and do something about it?
  • Pat
    It's really sad that these fat parasites haven't the intelligence to realise that by giving their story to the press and being photographed, they are the laughing stock of the world. not to mention reviled. But then again, this country is now full of their kind.
  • Dougie
    It's all really quite simple! In a world where there is a shortage of food, there are NO fat people! So, all you FAT FUCKS out there stop filling your face with pies and you'll loose weight. SIMPLES!!! lmao
  • terry

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