Tomorrow is just another day, except for Apple

Something exciting is happening tomorrow. Probably. Possibly. Well, we've no idea to be honest. But since we believe everything we're told by Apple, we're certain it will be:

Bitterwallet - Apple Beatles iTunes
This is the homepage of the Apple website. But what does it mean? The Beatles catalogue available on iTunes? Your music disappears into the cloud? Streaming and monthly subscriptions? iTunes doesn't crash and lose your entire music collection on a regular basis? What? What?


  • br04dyz
    Who Cares? (just practicing)
  • Ben
    The day Facebook make a big announcement, and everyone is quacking on about it, they drop this. Coincidence? no no no... it could be as small or big as they want. if it's the fucking Beatles catalogue, there's going to be a murder.
  • Ben
    Dear CPS, the above post was a joke. Sort of.
  • Kevin
    Beatles would be a good guess, but more likely to be unlimited streaming.
  • Jonny S.
    It's iTunes and therefore fucking boring! Unless they're giving music away for free now!
  • Steve J.
    It will be a subscription-based music streaming service, along the lines of Spotify.
  • Steve N.
    It is an announcement of a subscription based music streaming service, along the lines of Spotify.
  • Steve N.
    It will be a Spotify type of thing. Except shit.
  • Nobby
    And more expensive. And still shit.
  • PokeHerPete
    It will be a Spotify type of thing. Except shit.
  • Steve K.
    It's going to be a shitty version of spotify. (sorry, wanted to feel like part of the club)
  • br04dyz
    spotty-apple-shit-ify.....i mean iSpotty-Apple-Shit-ify
  • Boris
    I've forgotten tomorrow already. Mmmm nothing like meths to clear the mind completly.
  • Twpp
    It would be hard to be shittier than spotify to be fair. And, really, who cares about the beatles? I have never understood the obsession people have with them these days. I was not a big fan the first time round, and certainly am not however manyth time round this would be.
  • Kevin
    Now Spotify have a decent range of adverts I really don't mind them when using the free version at work. Why pay for a streaming itunes when I get virtually the same thing for nothing? You could see that a Beatles release for Christmas would be an amazing sale. Special itunes card for all Beatles songs etc. Money money money. But if that was really coming that new would have leaked out by now.
  • Griff
    A day I won't forget? Maybe not, but I bet with the alarm clock bug still there I'll be late for it. Aren't apple doing something with Twitter? Or is that way off in the future?
  • Nobby
    Is it today already?
  • Nobby
    150 minutes to go and I can't wait. Why no countdown clock from apple for such an important event?
  • TL
    Is it really hyped becuase of the FUCKING BEATLES? Really? If so, Steve Jobs GO FUCK YOURSELF! Jeez...

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