"Told You It Was Four Inches"

Condom makers are constantly plagued by the age-old question, “How can we sell more condoms?” Singing ones? Ones with adverts up the side? Invisible ones? Pfff, who knows.

Now, Condometric might have hit upon something (they haven’t). Their new range of gentlemen’s rubber goods feature a member-measuring facility so that you can hopefully decide once and for all whether size does really matter.

They come in both centimetres and inches, in case you’re an old-school Imperial fuddy-duddy (Heh, we said ‘come in’). As the manufacturers say on their website, if you don’t like it, don’t look. Or, as we say, don’t bother.


  • Andre
    problem...what about if your SO big that you stretch the condom...will make it measure even larger! Also they need to offer one with girth too!
  • Pective: B.
    [...] One of the big problems with buying online is that the size of products can be wildly mis-represented. There’s been a few times I’ve ordered something and then been surprised at the size of it when it arrives - and no this has nothing to do with Andy’s earlier post. [...]

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