Toddler Smash And Grab Goes Slightly Wrong

“Right, we’ll put another coin in and if we can’t get him out we’re just leaving him there.”

Those probably weren’t the words uttered by the parents of this enterprising, if wrong-headed young Australian, who managed to climb up the prize chute of a toy-grabbing machine, trapping himself until a fire crew were able to free him.

In a typically no-nonsense and refreshing Aussie stylee, onlookers described the shopping mall scene as "extremely amusing." Sadly, the only lesson the kid learned was that crime pays, as he was later treated to one of the plush toy prizes he was trying to get his hands on.

Sad, but as we all know, today’s petty thief is almost certainly tomorrow’s drug dealer or international terrorist… but luckily it gives us the opportunity to show you this classic, vaguely-related Reeves & Mortimer clip.


  • Mike H.
    Did this little s**t not get attempted theft? Or even breaking and entering? Blasted DFS midgets !
  • Martin
    This happened in the Comedy "How I Met Your Mother". There the kid got to keep them all, as he pissed himself in there (all over the toys).
  • MrsFAQ
    Probably the first child ever to get one of the toys - those things are an utter con. My cousin once spent half an hour trying to get a toy out of one in Doncaster. The machine was busted in some way, giving continual credit and despite that she Still didn't get anything.
  • abuyusra
    I wonder if they used any coins to put him in there?
  • Martin
    Why did they not just unlock the padlock and open the door? Was it because they so rarely have to fill it up again that the key was lost?
  • Will
    What a sh*t article. Wasted 12 seconds of my life there. Another 10 writing this, I know.
  • Bitterwallet B.
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