TJ Hughes closing down, but only if you believe their advertising

When a company slides into administration, it doesn't necessarily mean the business will cease trading. Often, the administrators will run the company as a going concern in the likelihood of selling it on to an interested party.

For example, discount store TJ Hughes has nearly 60 stores across the country and employs around 4,000 staff. When the chain went into administration at the end of last month, Ernst and Young were appointed as administrators, the stores continued trading and Ernst and Young have made no indication that they are closing them, preferring instead to look for a new owner.

So why are T J Hughes advertising the fact they are closing down?

T J Hughes Blackpool

According to the Blackpool Gazette, the administrators have said the stores are having a stock clearance sale, but the way TJ Hughes has gone about promoting it isn't necessarily above aboard. As Bitterwallet's consumer champ Len Dastard recently pointed out, trading regulations are clear that retailers can't tell consumer they're closing down in order to heighten interest when they're not.

[Blackpool Gazette] thanks to avid Bitterwallet reader Lawrence


  • Andrew R.
    Willing to bet it has * for refurbishment or *for major stocktake or some such wank like that.
  • Lawrence
    In all fairness to them, it *does* look like a closing down sale... to the same extent as the Woolworths ones. The only thing is, Woolworths administrators announced actual closing dates and then carried on looking for a buyer - which TJH hasn't done.
  • thomas h.
    as a member of head office staff at tj hughes i can clarify tj hughes will close its doors for good within 3-4 weeks if it does not find a new buyer. there is alot of interest in specific stores from some companys, but as of this moment there is no intrest in the tj hughes name
  • bliko
    Irony is that store in the picture in Blackpool was once a Woolies, and before that a Lewis's department store. All now dead and gone. Bad omen for the next leaseholder.
  • Dick
    In that case, let's hope it becomes a Starbucks.
  • Grumpy
  • Rob
    They better be closing down. I hate false advertising.
  • Terri-Ann W.
    Its safe to say that the stores are closing down. However whilst people are complaining about false advertising and hoping it will turn into a Starbucks, think of all the people loosing their jobs and their income. Some of the responses on this website are so ignorant and shameful. People need to open their eyes to the bigger picture and think about how this stores closure will affect the staff at T.J Hughes and the UK economie.
  • Just m.
    I didnt know the store was going until I went to Maidstone last week and saw one of my fav stores empty, this store was over 3 floors and my first thought was for all the staff that had lost their jobs, very sad times!

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