Time to wake up to the Spotify alarm clock

Morning superstars! If you happen to sleep with a desktop or laptop in your bedroom for personal reasons, this is a cracking widget to have. Got a favourite song that'll have you leaping out of bed tomorrow morning? Find it in Spotify, download the widget and boom! You've got your very own Spotify alarm clock:

Bitterwallet - Spotify Alarm Clock

We don't know how it works (or even if it works), it just does (probably). You can read more about the widget here and download it here. Smashing.


  • Randy
    Rather be woken up by Roberta...
  • Tom
    I'd rather be woken up by 2 blondes massaging my cock with a third making me a bacon sandwich
  • Junkyard
    Does anyone actually go to sleep with a switched-on computer by the bed?
  • Mobile G.
    @Junkyard - Yes. There are 6 computers in my house on 24x7. I hate the earth and so use as much electric as possible.
  • Steve
    @Junkyard – Yes - of sorts - a Chumby!
  • In W.
    [...] Time to wake up to the Spotify alarm clock | BitterWallet Posted in Web 2.0 news | Tags: Business, Changes, Citibank, Debacle, Fabulis, Internet, Makes, Policy, Wake [...]

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