Tiger in the bedroom? Like the birds? Into dogging?

Remember the episode of Entourage with Johnny Drama conkers deep while wearing a rabbit costume? Happens all the time, apparently. It's the sexual off-shoot of furry fandom, for folks who like to role-play while wearing animal outfits. Admit it, you're curious now. In which case, you can make a start by stopping by Kigu. Bitterwallet reader Mike claims he stumbled upon the site accidentally. Uh huh.

Bitterwallet - Kigu animal costumes

According to the boss, this is beginner's stuff - he pointed us in the direction of CustomKigumi for a plusher, more involved furry experience. Thanks boss.


  • PokeHerPete
    Aha! The worthy successor of the One Piece. Soon you will see chavs mugging old ladies while dressed as an owl.
  • The B.
    Entourage? Is that still going? I do remember the CSI episode with the animal costume fetishists and there was one in Bones too, but Entourage? Paul, I'm thoroughly disappointed in you, do you watch that Essex dross too? And no blaming it on your missus, that's a cop out.

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