Ticketmaster drop near-impossible Captcha for new, easier system

Great news for gig-goers who despise being made to stare at incomprehensible puzzles before buying tickets to see their favourite acts – the wretched Captcha that is used by Ticketmaster is being replaced with a slightly simpler version.

The new system will ask users to identify and type in actual words instead of the randomly-generated gobbledegook that currently appears when you’re trying to get your hands on tickets for Little Mix or Scooby Doo On Ice.

Ticketmaster is about to start using a system devised by a company called Solve Media, which will ask for well-known phrases, or offer simple multiple choice questions.

Spokestypes for the ticket-pimping behemoth say that they’re happy with trials of the new system and that the average puzzle-solving time has been slashed from 14 seconds to just seven. 2013 just got interesting... or something.


  • Clunge
    Looks like the same change that Ryanair made a little while back.
  • Kevin
    Very nice. Now if they would stop shifting large numbers of tickets to their own scalping resale site that would be a nice next step.
  • Sicknote
    Great news, now all they need to do is drop their credit card charges, the handling charges and the bullshit practices of ripping off the public by bulk buying and bulk selling of tickets on their sister websites.
  • Simon
    Middle man scum - never buy any event from ticketmaster as their fees and p&p are a rip off
  • ExCrement
    Ticket master are bunch of lying touts that tell you they are out of tickets which they have a plenty simply because they cant be arsed to process a phone order. awful mancs. better to go to the matchday street corner spiv. in fact the whole sordid re sale and ticket booking industry is a awful mercenary explotation, I know these charlatans for what they are ....the turd may have been glittered, but awful stench of shit is a give away.

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