Three to revolutionise Facebook, if anyone is interested

Call us cynics, but we're barely excited enough to speculate what this is counting down to:

It's a new product launch for 3. It'll be a new phone, probably. Beyond that, we've no idea, except for what the blurb promises:

It's coming soon. 13th November. It will change the way you use Facebook on your phone. Trust us, you don't want to miss out. Be the first to find out more.

Really, how much could the way you use Facebook on a mobile possibly change? Shy of being able to teleport to the location of friends, or some hologramatical representation of your photo libraries, we're not sure. Maybe 3 are promising something so spectacular we dare not imagine it; decent reception and no more wankers trying to bully you into upgrading. Now that would be revolutionary.



  • Paul N.
    Probably not too exciting. I'd guess an integrated handset like they did with Skype. So dedicated buttons for stuff like uploading pics, changing status? It would be more interesting if it would do something like map your profile/handset to other Facebook handsets to friend them etc. For all Three's faults (their outsourced CS and upgrade harassment drive me nuts) you have to give them credit for trying new things in the mobile industry like the Skype handset and free data/voice roaming in all Three countries.
  • Vince W.
    Hey! Maybe they'll let you poke people for free! Yipee.
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