Thought onesies were irritating? How about a 'twinsie'?

10155286 Adult humans waddling around in oversized romper suits is galling enough, especially when you see them down the shops or on nights out in their onesies. However, some company has decided to take the popular clothing into the realms of parody with The Twinsie.

It has three legs, four arms, two hoods and it'll cost you £50. You can get it in light grey, navy blue and aubergine and in the blink of an eye, you'll go from being a perfectly decent person, to someone who is the romantic equivalent of a conjoined twin.

This would be a perfect gift for that couple you know who can't possibly do anything without each other - the kind of couple that already have matching walking jackets and finish each other's sentences. Perhaps you should buy an irritating couple a Twinsie, force them to wear it and make it easier for everyone to assault them?

Colin Leggatt, marketing director of The Original Factory Shop, said: "The Twinsie offers a practical but fun solution for those wanting to stay warm this winter without running up costly energy bills. And what a fantastic Christmas present for the person in your life, or even the person you’d like to get closest to!"

If you're the kind of sap who would like one of these, click here to buy one.


  • Dick
    They should have only three arm holes, so when one arm goes up, so does the other - just like the legs. Better still, two arm holes, and two leg holes, but two hoods. You could wear it back to back if you are not talking to each other, or front to front if you want to feel each other up, or front to back for anal.
  • Jamie
    What happens if you need a shit?
  • Herr D.
    Just stitch them together for some Human Centipede.
  • fox f.
    As worn by the comedy tie a-hole brigade. why not just wear a morbidly obese mans sweaty crack trousers between two people, or simply find a pattern agreeable to bot of you in "fatty" Evans clothes store?
  • shiftynifty
    The shit that people buy....
  • Lavender H.
    @Jamie: Most people head for the toilet.
  • The N.
    [...] The holidays are fast approaching, and everyone probably already owns a Snuggie, so here’s another option: the Twinsie. The Original Factory Shop obviously thinks sharing is caring: This oversized romper with three legs, four arms and two hoods is meant to be worn by two people at the same time. Colin Leggatt, the company’s marketing director, says on that the outfit, which retails for $80, “offers a practical but fun solution for those wanting to stay warm this winter without running up costly energy bills.” Meetup for the next Twinsie gathering to be determined. World records may be broken! [Source] [...]
  • Alys
    Where do you but from?

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