Thorpe Park say 'sorry' and issue more 12p tickets

thorpe park We featured the 12p tickets for Thorpe Park a while back, but it looks like the theme park dropped a clanger by starting the sale earlier than everyone had anticipated. This meant scores of people missed out on the deal, and Thorpe Park would like to say sorry by releasing more at the knock-down price.

If you signed-up before the sold-out page was issued, there's a second chance to get some of the tickets, as Thorpe Park are doing a redraw.

So set an alarm or memo for Monday 18th April, as those who already signed-up, but missed out, will be re-entered for a draw of 4,000 extra 12p tickets.

In a letter that was featured on HUKD, Thorpe Park said: "We could continue to apologise, but actions speak louder than words. We promised we would try to make amends if we could, so as a gesture of goodwill, we will be more than trebling the amount of 12p tickets available for 2016."

The continued: "On Monday 18 April 2016 each person who registered to the site before the main sold out page went live on our website for all to see will have their details automatically entered into the draw which will be run by an independent adjudicator." Basically, if you've already entered, you don't need to do anything - you're already up for the draw.

If you win the chance to buy 12p Thorpe Park tickets, you'll get an email from them by midnight on Tuesday 19th April 2016, which will have a unique code in it, so keep an eye on your inbox and spam folders. If you want to see the t&cs of the promotion, you can do so here.

If you don't want anything to do with this draw, the easiest thing to do is ignore all your emails and hell with them. Or, if you'd like to be thorough, you can reply to the email they send you with ‘REMOVE ME’ by 23.59 hours (inclusive) on Thursday 14 April 2016.

So there you have it - as a gesture of goodwill, they'll be doing another draw. Good luck if you're champing at the bit to get some of these tickets.

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