Thorntons bought for £112m by Ferrero Rocher

ferrero-rocher "With these Rocher, you are spoiling us." We can only imagine that the boardroom of Thorntons said that, when Ferrero Rocher bought the company for £112m.

Of course, Thorntons have been having a thoroughly lousy time of it for a while now, so anyone showing any modicum of interest in them is welcome. Being bought out by the people behind Nutella has seen their share price soaring today.

There might be some of you who are worried about a British institution being bought out by someone from overseas, but the Italian company has vowed to stay true to the Thorntons brand and keep the factory in Derbyshire open.

You can assume they won't be that faithful to the way Thorntons have been doing things, unless of course, they just want to lose a load of money in a product that no-one is really interested in these days. Either way, it is good news that the Derbyshire factory will be keeping 3,500 jobs safe.

Giovanni Ferrero, chief executive of Ferrero Rocher, said he admires Thorntons and "what they have achieved in the UK as demonstrated by their tremendous customer loyalty, and we look forward to working with their experienced team", adding that the Italian company’s good performance in the UK convinced them that "now is the right time to broaden our roots in this important market".

Giant, personalised Easter eggs filled with Nutella, anyone?

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