THIS will have online trolls squirming on their bedroom floors...

We all know that trolls are the blight of The Internet. There’s even one or two in the comments section here at Bitterwallet – you might have noticed them. Finally, someone (comedian Isabel Fay) has risen up against these keyboard-tapping shit-munchers, hitting back against them through the medium of song, with the help of some slightly well-known followers.

Trolls, you know what to do…


  • Shaniaa
  • Shaniaa
    ah nevah knew u could sing andy, or that u were a girl! ah have subscribed to ur channel n look forward 2 more vids!
  • Mike H.
    Does Isabel claim benefits? Time to go flip burgers at MacD's, love.
  • Mr T.
    Id av a go at her tits.
  • Wonkey H.
    I bet he bums foxes
  • Dick
    The Steve Furst one - you said I'm not funny and never will be. Why is that trolling? Newspaper critics have said things like that for many years.
  • OCD
    Staying up till long past your bedtime to post Mike? Seriously; seek some help.
  • Miss H.
    I wonder if she has ever had a trumpet shoved up her twat.
  • DragonChris
    Stupid video.
  • Muff
    Well that's now spoiled what little entertainment I still get from BW. Whenever Mike shares his wisdom all I`m going to see now is that little orange gibbon having a wank....
  • qwertyuiop
    I've certainly noticed BW's share of Trolls. Hell, even you and Mof are it Andy! Now if you'll pardon me, a goat has just wandered into my lair under this ere bridge, 'scuse me. AFK.
  • Spencer
    FFS!! The song is addressed to 'haters' But all the responses and comments are, quite clearly trolls... Trolls are not haters and vice versa. Trolls make shit up to start flame wars... Haters believe in what they say when they're critical. in the words of A.Partridge... "stop getting Bond wrong"....
  • Chewbacca
    @Mike Hock. Mike,(not your real name), fuck off and die. Nobody likes your piss-poor trolling.
  • The f.
    So that is how Mac users really are!

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