This other £30,000 logo pissed me off
I don't give a rat's arse about Pepsi or Norfolk Police. But when the UK Border Agency decides to follow in their footsteps and blow £30,000 of our hard earned taxpayer's money to change their logo (read: remove the crest, add a deeper contrast to the purple line, and change a line), that really got me going.

I mean look at it. This is just ridiculous. Why would it cost £30k to do what a kid with paintshop on Windows 3.1 can do in 5 minutes?

In response to these questions, Immigration minister Phil Woolas said that it cost £12,000 in design fees, plus £17,000 for "a set of templates and guidelines to cover all applications of the logo". Then, to explain "how to use the logo", they spent another £1,200 to print manuals to guide them through this very complicated process.

Damian Green, the shadow immigration minister, stated rightly: "It is all but identical. You might think this is money for old rope, to use the old design and charge £12,000. I don't think a change of logo should have been the priority given the state of the immigration system at the moment."

Please don't even get me started on 'the state of the immigration system'. Mr Green's got it quite right. A year ago, I sent in approximately £1k, my original passport, my birth certificate, graduation certificates, driving license, tax paperwork, payslips and more to the UK Border Agency. And guess what? A year on, I have still not received them back. Numerous phone calls, emails and letters later, they finally wrote back and said "due to the changes taking place in our offices right now, we apologise but we're unable to locate your documents."

Compensation? Nil. Now I see what they have been so busy 'changing'.



  • Andy D.
    They've spent £30k making a 'Spot The Difference' puzzle for complete idiots.
  • Vince W.
    if only they could 'Spot The Documents' too
  • Bitterwallet B.
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