This isn't the book store you're looking for...

Avid Bitterwallet reader The Couch is a wise and well travelled man. That, or he's been browsing the archives of Reddit again. Either way, he's sent us this. We're not sure if it's a book store or not. Perhaps we've missed the point:

Bitterwallet - Wong Book Store


  • Darren
    cleaver way to get your store noticed!
  • Tom
    "We’re not sure if it’s a book store or not" Who gives a fook?
  • Richard M.
  • veedubjai
    It's not Photoshopped. Learn to read Chinese. During Chinese New Year, you will oftenly see the Chinese character for 'Luck' (which sounds like 'Fook' in Cantonese - And no, it is not 'Fuck'). It's called phonectics.
  • Claire
    They really got the name very wrong - from the window display it doesn't even look like they sell books.

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