This can't be right... can it?

Screen shot 2010-02-19 at 10.13.53

Well worth checking out some of the seller's other 28,160 items. Essentially, they appear to have taken all copyright-free clip art ever and stuck it on bibs. From the medical range, our favourites include medical anatomy, quadraplegic cane, ovaries and erm, AIDS?

[Amazon via @Oedipus_Lex]


  • Mr. M.
    Oh, I DO like the anatomy 'organs' one and the quadraplegic cane one, tough call which is best. Quite like this pelvis one too though... Oh, decisions, decisions...
  • webmong
  • Wibble
    ..... Adjustable necklace for indivudual fit ..... I presume that's a PEARL NECKLACE?
  • Nobby
  • Mr B.
    its my favourite pasta shape too!
  • G G.
    Must pick me new girlfriend one of these up.
  • weewee
    haha wtf were they thinking.

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