Thinking of a fresh look for 2013?

We know what it's like at the start of the new year. Filled with hopes and dreams about how this year is going to be so much better than last year, loyal and dedicated readers like you decide to make a few changes to try and fill the gaping void that is your life. Perhaps some of you will find a new job, others might decide to clean up some of your dirty habits. Some of you will go to great lengths to please your lady friend, who is undoubtedly the best thing in your life.

And what better way to put a smile on your woman's face than to present her with your meat and two veg in all their technicolour fuzz-free glory? Why hide the aesthetic delights of wrinkled and saggy skin behind a facade of short and curlies? Why not obliterate the natural habitat of arse-swinging dangleberries once and for all?

Of course, the lady (or gent) looking to benefit from the new clean-shaven look could also benefit from some divine comedy at the same time if you decide to use the new Veet for Men cream on your crown jewels. As ever when trying to decide on a purchase, just make sure you check the reviews first.

While generally positive on its hair-removing capabilities, a number of customers have been a little surprised at the strength of the product and have commented that, even for big burly men, applying a little cream to your nether regions (something women have been doing for years) might just smart a little bit.

My Our favourite comments  include:

"This was probably and hopefully the only time in my life I was going to wish there was a gay snowman in the kitchen"

"I'm going to estimate that using this product is at least eleven times more painful than childbirth."

"I've spent the last four hours staring fixedly at Carol Vorderman's arse, all to no avail. My tinkywinkleton hasn't even so much as perked up, so if my review seems a bit harsh, it's only because I wanted children."

"Picture the scene: a badly sunburnt, blistered and shaved Boris Johnson carries two red Space Hoppers accross the surface of Mars. This is an accurrate description of the current state of my genital region 3 weeks after a liberal application of this product."

"I didn't expect to have to wear an adult nappy because of the ongoing genital weeping, and I am "off-games" for at least the rest of 2012 and possibly the whole of my adult life, but there you go."

"Now I've not been tattooed with boiling Demestos so its hard for me to be truly objective but if you add a magma enema with just a dash of Tabasco I suspect you are approaching the pain level"

Wimps. Imagine if they ever invented wax strips for men...




  • MajorieDawed
    I suppose they all took the warning that the product was "suitable for the back, chest, arms, legs and underarms only" to mean that it was actually suitable for use on the genital area. Muppets got what they deserve for being so stupid.
  • Sicknote
    You are such lazy fuckers at BW - this story was rattling about in January 2012 and now you're reeling it off and news in 2013.
  • Her L.
    I like that the second ingredient is listed as piss.
  • Meek
    Seriously? You're posting this shit again that has constantly been making the rounds? BW is going to pot.
  • 2011
    Hello 2013, can I have my story back please?
  • Chewbacca
    Older than old. Yawn.

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