Think you've got a Robbie Williams ticket? Think again...

Screen Shot 2012-09-04 at 17.11.07 Are you a Robbie Williams fan? It’s okay, you can tell us, we won’t judge you. Much. Perhaps you thought you were going to one of his forthcoming shows in Glasgow or Dublin, with tickets acquired after you won the ballot for the oversubscribed gigs? Well tough luck sucker, because you’re not.

Well, you might be, but you’re going to have to go through the whole ballot procedure again. You might be lucky, you might not be. That’s the rollercoaster ride that is being a Robbie Williams fan for you.

It seems that there was some kind of horrific mix-up between the Glasgow and Dublin shows by stupid old Ticketmaster and now they’ll have to do the whole thing all over again.

A statement on Williams’ website spake thus:

"Due to a data-processing error all customers that had registered for the Robbie Williams performances in Glasgow and Dublin were informed they were successful in the ballot for the incorrect venue. Please note that tickets to Southend and Leeds were not affected.

As such, and in the interests of fairness, we have declared these ballots void and will be running them again. This is to ensure that in the new ballot everyone who entered has an equal chance of winning.

Ticketmaster sincerely apologise to Robbie and his fans for any disappointment and inconvenience caused. All ballot applicants will receive further communication shortly."

Everyone cool with that? COOL!


  • Liz
    This is sooooooooo unfair to real Robbie fans. I had a ticket or so I thought - was even willing to go to Dublin as never missed a concert of his yet but to pull the rug out from under is well that's not right. If there was an election and the ballot papers were spoiled at least they wouldn't know the result. We thought we had tickets. This is just not fair to all fans who thought the tickets were there for them. What is the chance of being drawn from 1/2 million fans twice in a row. A totally gutted Robbie fan from his That Days.
  • Lianne H.
    Had two tickets for robbie this morning, all be it for Dublin not Glasgow and now have no tickets and a general email that went out to everyone. Ticketmaster should be ashamed, what a mess and how could this happen, we did our part ticking the right box, apparently tricky for them!
  • Darren
    I had a ticket for Robbie this morning,,, oh no 1 minute, my mistake, I had a life, not a ticket!
  • Dick
    Glasgow is in Dublin isn't it? Or is it the other way round? Who knows. No-one in England really cares anyway. Which is probably why they made the mistake.
  • Nikey H.
    Anyone wanting to go to this plonker's concert deserves a life.
  • Stacey M.
    I applied for a ticket for Glasgow (ended getting Dublin) I called Ticketmaster & a guy told me it would be fine I would get another email & this would be fixed, I 100% had the tickets, now I find out they have not only took the Dublin ticket away from me but also done the WHOLE ballot again there was NO CHANCE I was going to be lucky twice, so surprise surprise I got the ''pity email'' second time round telling me I hadn't got the tickets. This is a complete joke!!! Why tell someone they have the tickets then tell them they don't? Can't believe it, theres no chance I will even get a second chance offer on Friday 7th either, highly doubtful! Not only that but idiots are selling these codes on ebay ..... are people stupid? The person who registered interested has to be the one to attend the gig as they get ID'd at door. Over £1000 the last time I looked on ebay.
  • Chewbacca
    Jesus Christ, someone saying "all be it" instead of albeit. Do the schools teach NOTHING these days? I bet they say "brought" instead of "bought" too. Death penalty's too good for them.

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