There's a shake-up down the Asda

ASDA-logo Asda is cutting a shitload of staff and manoeuvring others about in a big shake up.

The supermarket giant is planning to cut 1360 middle managers and shovelling other staff into its fast-growing online, in an attempt to cut up to a billion in costs in the next five years.

It is said that the company's new plans will affect around 4100 staff, but will create 5670 new roles albeit lower paid.

The supermarket said the staffing shakeup was in response to "intense structural changes" in the grocery market. The big four supermarkets are all seeking to cut costs as the era of big box retail comes to an end due mainly to the competition from the discounting Lidl and Aldi lot.

Chief executive Andy Clarke explains himself: "As much as it is my job, and privilege, to be chief executive of this business and to do what is right for Asda as a whole, this is one of the most difficult decisions I've had to make,"

"Whilst I genuinely believe that it is the right decision for the future of Asda, knowing that it will result in valued colleagues leaving us is not easy. Every supermarket must adapt to the intense changes in UK retailing or they will get left behind."

This news comes after the supermarket was praised by hamface Cameron for it's plans to create 12,000 new jobs.

The shakeup was first announced in May, when Asda said as many as 2,600 staff could go. Staff canteens are also being closed – replaced with vending machines.  SADFACE.

The company said the new structure put a greater emphasis on e-commerce and removed back-office administration tasks. Over the coming weeks managers affected by the changes will either begin training for their new jobs or take a redundancy package.

Poor the Asda staff.

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  • an c.
    Stopped using Asda when they got rid of most of the checkout staff for the Bloody selfcheck machines. Life's too short to have to wait in the queues while the people in front are stuck waiting 5 minutes for their booze to be authorised/Shopping not detected on output tray (Because they put it directly back in the Trolly.....) by the poor one remaining staff member who's running round like mad trying to keep up..

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