There should be no more parties ever again...

....not now that these have been pioneered - the Party Uggs. Let's all try and pretend they don't exist, eh?


[via @kirti74]


  • heywood j.
    My Whitney-Chantelle will love these. I can probably get a payday loan to see me through to the new year and get these. Or maybe kays catalogue will get it, so they are almost free over 104 weeks.
  • Sicknote
    Saw a chap wearing UGG boots on the tube about six months ago and he looked like a complete tool. That is all.
  • Yue
    Specifically designed so that you won't have to wash vomit off your shoes.
  • wingZero
    Yes Dorothy would be proud of these... wingZero
  • Mike H.
    You've missed the point. They are red so when I knock the shit out of your face for wearing UGGs, you won't need to get the blood stain out, cunts!
  • N T.
    Would be much nicer in silver.
  • Mr G.
    I... see... dead people. And it's better than looking at these feckin' things
  • Nick T.
    @ wingZero I think they're likely to be made for Friends of Dorothy.
  • Frank P.
    I wear these for work, there very comfortable as they are padded and feel fluffy on the insides.
  • Pink O.
    Might be difficult to clean if you spunked up over them.
  • Maximillion S.
    Don't post them on HUKD else they'll be voted cold for being expensive, fucking paupers.

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