There must be an Asda, and they're checking out my heart

ASDA-logo In 'this can only end badly' news, two Scunthorpe branches of Asda have been fitted with heart defibillators.

The devices which help restart the heart after a cardiac-type incident, are now in the stores so that anyone can deliver electric shocks to someone in difficulty.

Not sure if this indicates that Scunthorpe's Asdas are a hotspot for this sort of thing - as if heart attacks are a daily worry for the store - or if it suggests that the town is in particularly poor health.

Then of course, the danger of falling into the wrong hands, and people giddygoating with it.

They've been provided through a team up between the supermarket, British Heart Foundation and East Midlands Ambulance Service.

EMAS community response manager Steve Pratten said: “For every minute someone goes into cardiac arrest before paramedics arrive, the chance of survival drops by 10 per cent."

“That doesn't mean there’s no chance after 10 minutes – good CPR increases the chances and every case is different – but defibrillators can make a huge difference while an ambulance is on its way.”

We look forward to someone being an amusing news story after they try and cook some Pop Tarts with the medical equipment.


  • Han S.
    In what way can this only end badly? With all those lives being saved? As for people 'giddygoating' around with it it's impossible as it automatically detects when a heart is in cardiac arrest and won't issue a shock otherwise
  • Adam
    I work for ASDA and we've had them rolled out into all stores not just the scunthorpe ones, we've had them for around 5 weeks now so i'm not sure where your source of news is coming from..
  • seb
    i believe the intention is to roll out defibs to every asda store.
  • Bogbrush
    yeah, not just the ones full of lardy northern poors
  • you
    Ive been alive for 35 years and i have never seen anyone have a heart attack, either in an ASDA or outside of it. I can only assume therefore that I prevent heart attacks and they should give me all of the money theyre spending on these soon-to-be door stops.
  • Barky
    loads of asdas have these, as do many shopping centres , sports centres etc. Their ability to save lives is not something to be making pathetic schoolboy jokes about. since your 'article' reveals you know nothing about how these work , or indeed about the huge increase in placement in supermarkets, probably best you actually do some research before writing such ill informed drivel.
  • Mark C.
    Someone's evidently never been on a first aid course recently. As mentioned, modern automated defibrillators won't deliver a shock unless a heart is in arrest and are so simple anyone can use them. They are becoming common in more and more public places - see this link

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