Their money or your life - doctors paid <B>not</B> to treat you

You feel like somebody has grabbed hold of your guts and pulled them out through your mouth. Maybe somebody has. Careful not to slip in anything. But it doesn't mean you're going to hospital, certainly not if your GP has anything to do with it. There's a new scheme coming to a town near you that will see doctors paid not to send you.

The scheme means GPs are paid £1 per patient to spend time reviewing their decision to send someone to hospital and an extra quid for every name on their surgeries’ list if they reduce their previous year’s referral rate. According to The Times, an average surgery with 10,000 patients will receive up to £20,000 for taking part in the scheme.

Next up, plans for A&E theatres to begin using voodoo to resurrect the freshly expired; cheaper than a defibrillator and more energy efficient.

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  • Alexandra O.
    Erm, so that would be the beneficence ("a practitioner should act in the best interest of the patient")element of medical ethics assertively catapulted out of the window then? Well, I'm not too proud to haggle, methinks crossing the GPs palm with silver & the offer of a slightly ravaged kidney may tip the balance in my favour & have me hurtling to the nearest private ward before you can say Greys Anatomy....

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